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Texas Enterprises, Inc. | Our Story
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Texas Enterprises Inc, was originally founded by James Link Calhoun (1st generation) in 1921 as Bay Oil Company in Houston, TX. Mr. Calhoun had 1 daughter who married Harvey Smith (2nd generation) of Temple, TX. Mr. Harvey Smith succeeded Mr. Calhoun sometime in the late 1940s / early 1950s. Mr. Smith had 2 sons, Harvey and Ford. Ford Smith, Sr. (3rd generation) started a branch of Bay Oil Company called Calhoun-Smith Distributing Company in 1959 after moving to Austin, TX to attend the University of Texas. This company, along with Allied Sales Company and Golden West Oil Company in San Antonio became the basis for Texas Enterprises, Inc.

The current corporation was formed in 1974 to combine the Austin and San Antonio operations. Ford Smith Jr. (4th generation) became involved in the family business in 1985 and helped accomplish the division of ownership of Bay Oil Company and Texas Enterprises, Inc. between the Ford and Harvey Smith families. Mr. Smith Jr. subsequently purchased Texas Enterprises, Inc. from his family in 2006. Mr. Smith’s nephew, Bill Netherton (5th generation), joined the company while attending Texas Tech University at the Lubbock facility. Currently Mr. Netherton oversees the retail fuels division of the company.